Tune In: Bonnaroo 2014 Mixtape

For the first time in 3 years I’m not headed to Bonnaroo. It’s bittersweet. If I was going I’d be gearing up for 96 hours of very little sleep and probably an amazing set by Kanye West. But I’m not so I won’t be risking heat stroke, witnessing bad acid trips or stepping in mud puddles. Silver lining, perspective and all that good stuff.

If you’re not headed to the farm this weekend you can check out live streams of the concerts here. You can also jam out to the official Bonnaroo 2014 Mixtape. It’s cheaper, cleaner and easier than pitching a tent. Enjoy the week!

Make Life Shiny / 10

Make Life Shiny is your weekly reminder to do epic shit and take pleasure in every thing you do. There is no reason you have to wait for special occasions to have fun, make memories or wear your fancy underwear. This is an on going life list because everyday life can be shiny.


The Summer Music Festivals season is in full swing. Next week the tiny town of Manchester, Tn will be over run with sweaty out of towners all headed to Bonnaroo. It’s like the East coast’s version of Coachella minus the dry desert air, which is replaced by a heavy rain shower or two. And y’all it is a party! I’m talking late night concert sets that often play until sunrise, silent discos and a main venue area that doesn’t close until the festival is over.

It’s an experience and one I think every 20- something should get to take part in. Don’t put this off too long because music festivals are definitely a young person’s game. Not to say you won’t have a fabulous time in your 30s but your sensibilities will have matured. Meaning the late hours and lack of sleep will kick your butt a little more. Plus there is that issue of sleeping in tents along side thousands of strangers that may make you a little cantankerous because remember you’re 30. But I digress it’s an experience and one you may regret once you settle into marriage and children. So do it if you get a chance.

Now I know festivals get a bad rep for being over run with drugs and alcohol. I won’t lie. I’ve seen more than my fair share of drug consumption (cough cough Bonnaroo cough cough) but this is where personal accountability comes into play. I don’t do them and firmly I believe “Friends don’t let friends do drugs at music festivals”. Why would you even want to? It’s hot as balls and you need to conserve energy to stay up for that 3am set to see Big Freedia (that totally happened). Have the time of your life kids. Just do that shit responsibly.

Tune In: Do Epic Shit


Can you believe it’s June already? I swear we were just donning party hats and sipping champagne waiting for the new year to start. Now we are six months in. How are your goals looking? Have you stuck to them? If you haven’t now is the time for your to create a plan for the second half of the year.

I created this playlist called Do Epic Shit specifically to get you fired up about doing some cool things with your life. Time will pass you by if you don’t go after what you want. You are the only standing in your way.

Before you hit play be warned that this playlist is NSFW. Feel free to turn it up in your headphones but you may want to skip playing this at your desk unless your job is super laid back like that. Here’s to an awesome second half of 2014!