DIY Galaxy Painted Converse Tutorial


Space the final frontier, a place of mystery and the home of beautiful nebulas and galaxies. I love anything space themed. In my adult life I realized I should have become and astronaut or an astronomer. Too late now I guess.

My cosmic connection is the inspiration behind today’s tutorial Painting Galaxy Print Converse. I’ve seen this design on t-shirts, dresses and fingernails, so I wanted to apply the concept to my beloved Converse. It takes a little work to get the paint just right but you’ll catch on I promise.

Get ready!

Gather your supplies. This look is cute on any pair of canvas shoes so don’t feel pressured to paint your Converse if you don’t want to/ have any. Just pick up a cheap pair of canvas shoes from Target or Payless. The Converse in this tutorial were on their last leg anyway so I’m just extending their usefulness (plus I have another identical pair. Don’t judge me!).

I used acrylic paint by Folk Art in wicker white and true blue, as well as Martha Stewart’s line in pink dahlia and purple martin. Make sure you have a sponge or sponge brush handy and an old toothbrush. The magic eraser and paint brushes are optional. The magic eraser is for cleaning up the sole if you are using and old pair of shoes. You can use the paint brush for star details if you choose.

Start by removing the laces and taping off the sole of the shoe. If your shoes have a rubber toe make sure to tape that off also. Don’t skip this step and do it properly. I noticed after I was finished that I could have done a better taping job. Oops!

Begin applying paint all over your shoe. Initially I only used blue but I added in a few drops of white and went back over the sections to lighten it up.

After you get your blue layer done start adding in the other colors. Focus on making it look like you are painting clouds. Dense color in the middle that turns wispy around the edges. Blend well. Don’t be afraid to layer the colors into each other. If you make a mistake or don’t like how the colors come together just paint over it with your blue.

I found it very useful to mix the colors on the sponge and a piece of newspaper to help with the blending. You want it to look random which gives it an authentic look. Add in a touch of white to break up the colors. Keep layering until you get the desired effect. Remember to be patient and keep working on blending because the results are worth it.

Finally take your toothbrush and dip it in the white paint. Run your thumb over the bristles while pointing the toothbrush at your shoe. The toothbrush splatter creates little star clusters which is the finishing touch.

Let them dry. Lace up your shoes. Remove the tape. Wear them outside!

Do you like galaxy inspired clothing? Would you make your own?

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