Preparing For My 1st Trade Show

instasparkle-work-tableI’m headed to the swimming Pool trade show. In less than 3 weeks I’m flying out to Pool to sell my Instasparkle line in their Cash & Carry section. I wish I knew how to accurately describe my feelings about this. Let me try.. imagine being excited, anxious, freaked out and stressed all at the same time. It’s like crying because you are happy. My emotions are out of whack. But I’m really grateful for the opportunity.

I applied to exhibit at Pool in December (it was my birthday wish). So I kind of screwed myself since the show is in February. That hasn’t left much time for planning or trying to release new designs. I’ve mainly focused on cleaning up the current line, double checking my pricing, getting marketing materials printed and creating enough inventory. Even though trade shows are mainly for showing lines and writing orders, Pool has a section focused on the craft show environment were makers can sell directly to buyers and boutiques. The concept is really cool and that’s where you will find me.

My desk is covered in jump rings, chains, wood cut outs and tools. This is what the days in my studio are starting to look like.


wooden charms lined up and drying instasparkle-necklace-assembly

waiting to get clasps, final details and boxedinstasparkle-necklace-charms

it’s always in the details.. the hubs really wanted the necklaces to know where they come frominstasparkle-natural-brooches

a rare sight.. unstained wooden broochesinstasparkle-shopping-bags

shopping bags getting a little branding

I still have lots of work left. I’ll try to share behind the scenes pictures and tips as I get closer to my trip. I can’t wait to get to Vegas.

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